• A crucial crusade to shake up the roots of jobbery, Yeah, demonetization is a reason to make corrupted people worry.
  • Old currency is no longer the legal tender of our country, Yeah, this time for grafts there is no entry.
  • Happiness in the eyes can justify being a part of this campaign, Yeah, there’s no lie to say regarding the war against corruption, honest people don’t have complaints.
  • Surely standing in a queue for the whole day is a hard task, Yeah, we should remember it is cardinal to remove bribe taker’s mask.
  • Let us come together and stand up to overcome all flaws, Yeah, all we need to hush the mouth of people politicizing this noble cause.
  • Sitting on a couch and talking big is much easy, Yeah, this courageous and bold decision making demons crazy.
  • Having the patience to get better results is no harm, Yeah, it’s time to expose black money so let’s be calm.
  • Making the country corruption free is our aim, Yeah, let us take a pledge to make our country “golden bird” once again.

Author: Anisha

Just love to write poems and compositions..

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