Our Soldiers Our Pride

Freezing cold to the tempting hot,
No hinder can make them stop..
They are people with great valour and pride,
If they are with us then we don’t need to fright…
Aftermath of KARGIL war was on our favour,
So I am not wrong calling them our real saviour…
From surgical strikes to defend us everyday,
Fighting for country is not child’s play…
They lest the terror attacks,
Their loyalty and determination never lacks…
They shed their blood so we can see the world,
Their sacrifices should never get blurred..
They come either after hoisting Indian flag or covered with it,
I’m no one to define them in few words but yeah I can say their valiant and valour make victory to it…
They GUSTY people, far flung from their families are on hem,
So this poem on my behalf is my tribute to all of them..

Author: Anisha

Just love to write poems and compositions..

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