From the chuckle to the fear of chide,
It was childhood only when there was nothing to hide….
When stuffed mouthful of cotton candy was real joy,
It was a time when my world roamed all around toy…
When life was full of pie in the sky &the love was pure,
It was a time when chocolates were enough for every hit’s cure…
When the call out of GABBAR was to make all of us sleep,
It was a time when stubborn us had no tears in our weep…
When there was count on to get gifts on the socks hanged on trees,
It was a time when we would everything with so much ease…
When white pieces of rocks seemed to be fallen portion of clouds,
It was a time when finding out friends in hide and seek was real proud…
When everybody would pull my chubby cheeks, ah! awful,
It was a time from being cute to being beautiful….
When being not teased by friends was biggest fame,
It was a time when buddies would call me everything except my real name…
When I got to know childhood will never come back,
It was a time I promised myself that child inside me will never be hacked….



Author: Anisha

Just love to write poems and compositions..

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