Story of a girl:

Addressed as goddess and treated as hell,
There is so much in her story to tell..
The time she saw the world first, everyone was lamenting on her birth,
No sphere is safe for her neither the womb nor the earth..
The one who always saw the hatred is expected to love all,
She’s much strong as she always had the strength to stand up whenever she fall..
She proved herself whenever god checked her patience,
There was no one in all her grievance…
She’s the one who was threatened after all the assault,
She was broken in time to figure out her fault…
Alas! Her beauty has become her biggest curse,
She was younger in age but experienced worse..
She was all choked in world’s hypocrisy,
She never got the freedom even after the democracy..
Here her frank nature is enough to call her characterless,
She’s afraid of those hands with which she should feel blessed…
Everyone shut her mouth up for the family’s sake,
The family from which she got only hate.

Author: Anisha

Just love to write poems and compositions..

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