Love over Infatuation

May be you think it’s just Infatuation,

But baby I want to stay with you in every situation…

I swear our bond will be unbreakable,

Baby for you I am always available…

Not just infatuation, not just a situation,

Baby I am not expecting any kind of relation…

Happier the way we are,

Just afraid of going too far…

Fighting with you is my insecurity,

What I have in my heart is till infinity…

Stay here, stay with me,

You and me are perfect we…

I swear it’s not just infatuation,

Baby my love for you is beyond imagination…

Efforts you make just for my smile,

I desire to go on A walk with you for a mile!!

Stay by my side,

When there’s nothing to hide…

I’ll cook,

Our special time we’ll book…

Don’t think it’s just infatuation, no for my sake,

Baby you are my favourite even more than a chocolate cake!!

I hope you’ll love the poem, stay tuned for more…

Till then 👋

Anisha Bahukhandi

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Author: Anisha

Just love to write poems and compositions..

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