Life Over Depression

Offer help instead of attention

Help me to put a pause to this thought,

Conflicts in my mind are becoming too hot…

Save me, my soul is shouting,

Fear in my mind is mounting…

Lights off and door closed,

Don’t want my tears to get exposed…

You think you know who am I?

A laughing face, which is a complete lie…

You talk about regrets in life,

Oh no, here only regrets are life…

You see my laugh?

Coz, you don’t know my depressed half…

Wanna stay away from the people,

Sometimes I wonder why suicide is illegal…

These thoughts are pushing me to the death,

These words are taking away my breath…

The dark room is killing me,

Wasting my life is what I cannot see…

Wanna start everything fresh,

Help me to come out of this trash…

Let me start again,

This time I don’t want to meet the pain…

Stay tuned for more…

Till then 👋

Anisha Bahukhandi

Love over Infatuation

May be you think it’s just Infatuation,

But baby I want to stay with you in every situation…

I swear our bond will be unbreakable,

Baby for you I am always available…

Not just infatuation, not just a situation,

Baby I am not expecting any kind of relation…

Happier the way we are,

Just afraid of going too far…

Fighting with you is my insecurity,

What I have in my heart is till infinity…

Stay here, stay with me,

You and me are perfect we…

I swear it’s not just infatuation,

Baby my love for you is beyond imagination…

Efforts you make just for my smile,

I desire to go on A walk with you for a mile!!

Stay by my side,

When there’s nothing to hide…

I’ll cook,

Our special time we’ll book…

Don’t think it’s just infatuation, no for my sake,

Baby you are my favourite even more than a chocolate cake!!

I hope you’ll love the poem, stay tuned for more…

Till then 👋

Anisha Bahukhandi

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Story of a girl:

Addressed as goddess and treated as hell,
There is so much in her story to tell..
The time she saw the world first, everyone was lamenting on her birth,
No sphere is safe for her neither the womb nor the earth..
The one who always saw the hatred is expected to love all,
She’s much strong as she always had the strength to stand up whenever she fall..
She proved herself whenever god checked her patience,
There was no one in all her grievance…
She’s the one who was threatened after all the assault,
She was broken in time to figure out her fault…
Alas! Her beauty has become her biggest curse,
She was younger in age but experienced worse..
She was all choked in world’s hypocrisy,
She never got the freedom even after the democracy..
Here her frank nature is enough to call her characterless,
She’s afraid of those hands with which she should feel blessed…
Everyone shut her mouth up for the family’s sake,
The family from which she got only hate.

Dual Personality

Her imagination got wings,

Now its her personality which swings!

Introvert was the word which defined her best,

Lost in stories, no one knew about her quest.

She was dissolved in the world as vinegar in the ocean of honey,

Behind being weirdo there was an untold agony.

All silent and conservative her nature was,

Contrarily, her personality was with such chaos.

Her personality transforms into being bubbly from being silent,

The girl who always believed in peace sometimes become violent.

She was becoming like the character of her story,

With such bustle she lost all her glory.

Her charm tossed each time she was not aware,

To cure her disorder she has to be handled with care.



From the chuckle to the fear of chide,
It was childhood only when there was nothing to hide….
When stuffed mouthful of cotton candy was real joy,
It was a time when my world roamed all around toy…
When life was full of pie in the sky &the love was pure,
It was a time when chocolates were enough for every hit’s cure…
When the call out of GABBAR was to make all of us sleep,
It was a time when stubborn us had no tears in our weep…
When there was count on to get gifts on the socks hanged on trees,
It was a time when we would everything with so much ease…
When white pieces of rocks seemed to be fallen portion of clouds,
It was a time when finding out friends in hide and seek was real proud…
When everybody would pull my chubby cheeks, ah! awful,
It was a time from being cute to being beautiful….
When being not teased by friends was biggest fame,
It was a time when buddies would call me everything except my real name…
When I got to know childhood will never come back,
It was a time I promised myself that child inside me will never be hacked….


Our Soldiers Our Pride

Freezing cold to the tempting hot,
No hinder can make them stop..
They are people with great valour and pride,
If they are with us then we don’t need to fright…
Aftermath of KARGIL war was on our favour,
So I am not wrong calling them our real saviour…
From surgical strikes to defend us everyday,
Fighting for country is not child’s play…
They lest the terror attacks,
Their loyalty and determination never lacks…
They shed their blood so we can see the world,
Their sacrifices should never get blurred..
They come either after hoisting Indian flag or covered with it,
I’m no one to define them in few words but yeah I can say their valiant and valour make victory to it…
They GUSTY people, far flung from their families are on hem,
So this poem on my behalf is my tribute to all of them..



  • A crucial crusade to shake up the roots of jobbery, Yeah, demonetization is a reason to make corrupted people worry.
  • Old currency is no longer the legal tender of our country, Yeah, this time for grafts there is no entry.
  • Happiness in the eyes can justify being a part of this campaign, Yeah, there’s no lie to say regarding the war against corruption, honest people don’t have complaints.
  • Surely standing in a queue for the whole day is a hard task, Yeah, we should remember it is cardinal to remove bribe taker’s mask.
  • Let us come together and stand up to overcome all flaws, Yeah, all we need to hush the mouth of people politicizing this noble cause.
  • Sitting on a couch and talking big is much easy, Yeah, this courageous and bold decision making demons crazy.
  • Having the patience to get better results is no harm, Yeah, it’s time to expose black money so let’s be calm.
  • Making the country corruption free is our aim, Yeah, let us take a pledge to make our country “golden bird” once again.